Fleur Alpine organic“OAT”milk free cereal after 5 months, 175 g

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  • 100% whole grain
  • No traces of milk
  • No added sugars
  • Contains gluten
  • Madefromhighqualitybabygradeorganicingredients
  • Easily and quickly dissolved without lumps
  • Nothing extra added –only vitamin B1*, which is important for the nervous system

*according to law for baby cereals

  • EU certified organic product, produced in Germany


Whole grain, from which cereal is made, contains natural vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber.

Gentle processing technology allows to preserve valuable nutrients.


Cereal is ideal as a first weaning food.

Easily and quickly dissolved without lumps.

The delicate, airy texture of the readycereal in the form of “drifts” resembles snow, which falls on the surface with small fluffy bumps.

Cereal taste is natural, inherent in this grain, with a delicate aroma of oat.